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Robert Klinck

Contact Information
(202) 517-7270

Social Media
Twitter - @BobbyKlinck
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Government Experience
Law Clerk, Honorable Richard S. Arnold
Assistant United States Attorney

J.D. Harvard Law School
B.A. University of Texas at Austin

Robert "Bobby" Klinck is the founder of Klinck LLC.  He is an intellectual property attorney who focuses on helping entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators harness their intellectual property, reduce their exposure to intellectual property lawsuits, and handle intellectual property lawsuits that do arise.

The son of a small business owner, Bobby has always had an entrepreneurial streak. As a result, he is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build the businesses and create the innovations that will drive the American economy in the Twenty-First Century. He has a vision to create a suite of resources and services that will help entrepreneurs from the earliest phases of their business development through late-stage startups and medium-sized businesses. 

Bobby understands that the cost of hiring an attorney is a significant impediment for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and in the early stages of the business. To help these entrepreneurs, Bobby is crafting a suite of written resources that provide entrepreneurs with information that they can use to improve their intellectual property plans and execution.  These educational materials come in two forms -- the written materials in The Academy on this website and the books that Bobby has published.

So far, Bobby has published two books about intellectual property law -- The Entrepreneur's IP Plannin´╗┐´╗┐g Playbook and Patent Litigation Primer.  Each achieved best-seller status in at least one category on Amazon. He is currently working on a more ambitious project -- a book that will provide entrepreneurs with a full overview of how to craft an intellectual property strategy from the earliest phases through later enforcement. Next in the pipeline is a book that will help entrepreneurs deal with the intellectual property issues associated with social media.

For entrepreneurs who want to take a deeper dive into intellectual property issues but are not yet ready to hire a dedicated attorney, Bobby is in the process of developing series of online courses. These courses will walk entrepreneurs through basic intellectual property issues, will provide insight into the steps that entrepreneurs should be taking to harness their assets, and will help entrepreneurs adopt procedures to minimize their risk of being sued for infringement.

For clients who have decided to hire an attorney, Bobby has developed a number of pricing models. Among others, he has developed retainer models that allow clients to have an attorney "on call" for very reasonable fees. For clients who would prefer a more "done for them" service, Bobby also has full-service representation models.

As the founder of Klinck LLC -- and an aspiring brewery founder -- Bobby understands the challenges facing entrepreneurs. His goal is to help entrepreneurs navigate intellectual property issues, whether that means providing them with information or taking on the responsibility of handling the details so that the entrepreneurs can focus on running their businesses.

When he's not working, you'll find Bobby spending time with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. When he can find the time, he's in his backyard brewing up a batch of beer.

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