Team – Klinck LLC

At Klinck LLC, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs and innovators navigate the sometimes complex world of intellectual property law.  We serve clients at all phases, from intellectual property planning through litigation. 

Our lawyers value clarity, striving to make intellectual property understandable by non-lawyers. We believe that helping our clients understand intellectual property issues strengthens our relationship and ensures that our clients can obtain the best results for their business. In support of this goal, we have created a number of written resources to help clients understand the issues they will face.  These resources are available through The Academy

Our lawyers also are interested in the same issues faced by our clients. We keep up to date on news and trends affecting entrepreneurs and startups. On the Blog, you will find posts about the latest business books we are reading and the software applications that we have test-driven. You will also find a column specifically dedicated to Women Entrepreneurship.  We are business-minded lawyers who are here to serve our business clients.

You can learn more about our individual lawyers by clicking on their bios below.

Robert Klinck

He is the founder of Klinck LLC. He received his J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School.

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