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Intellectual Property Planning

In today’s world, intellectual capital is often the most important asset a company holds. In fact, by some estimates, intellectual property assets are the largest asset class held by American companies. For truly successful companies, intellectual property will often represent 80% or more of the company's value. 

Given the importance of intellectual property to companies, every company should have an intellectual property plan. Creating an intellectual property plan will allow you to: capture the full value of your assets, reduce the costs associated with handling IP issues, delegate the responsibility to a dedicated team, and reduce your exposure to possible lawsuits. Put simply, an effective intellectual property has the potential to increase revenues, reduce costs, and create long-term assets for your business.  

In spite of the value of an intellectual property plan, many companies haven't taken the time to create these plans. Creating an IP plan does not need to be a painful process, and at Klinck LLC, we strive to help clients create effective plans with minimal interruption to their business and at affordable costs. 

If you would like to learn more about IP Planning, you can download a free copy of The Entrepreneur's IP Planning Playbook -- a book created by Robert Klinck to educate entrepreneurs about IP Planning.​

Get Your Free IP Planning Book

You can get your free copy of The Entrepreneur's IP Planning Playbook by clicking on the link below.  The most successful businesses long ago learned that IP planning is an essential party of business strategy.  With The Playbook, you can learn how to maximize the value of your intellectual property and how to minimize the risk of being sued.

How Klinck LLC Can Help​

At Klinck LLC, we work with clients to create IP Plans for their businesses.  When clients hire us to help them create an IP plan, we work to understand their business, including their short and long term objectives. We help them develop a plan that maximizes the value of the intellectual property within the budget they have available. An intellectual property plan should serve your business goals, so we treat the creation of these plans as a business planning project, rather than a legal undertaking.

We work with our clients to develop workable fee arrangements. In most cases, we charge a fixed fee for the preparation of an IP plan. This means our clients know what to expect at the outset of the representation and can budget accordingly. We also offer a number of flexible options for our startup clients, including hybrid fee arrangements.

Learn More About Klinck LLC'S IP Planning Service

If you would be interested in discussing how Klinck LLC could serve your needs, set up a free consultation. Click on the button below to set up a time to talk with Robert Klinck about your intellectual property needs. We will give you a call at the time you select to discuss how we can help.

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Get Your Free Copy of The Entrepreneur's IP Planning Playbook