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Intellectual Property Management

Creating an IP Plan is only the first step in maximizing the value of your company and minimizing the risks you face from ​being accused of infringement.  You need to manage your intellectual property on an ongoing basis, rather than simply creating a plan and throwing it in a drawer in your office. Effective IP Management requires an ongoing emphasis on considering the value of intangible asserts, prioritizing among potential tasks, and ensuring that your company continues its focus on intellectual property issues.

At Klinck LLC, we help entrepreneurs, startups, and other businesses manage their IP. As part of our IP Management services, we help clients gather their assets on an ongoing basis, help them prioritize the assets, and help them decide how best to protect the assets.  Some clients also ask us to take the lead in monitoring for infringement and developing enforcement plans when we locate infringing companies.

Outside IP Counsel Services

Although some clients prefer to hire us on an hourly basis, we encourage our clients to consider retaining us on a flat monthly fee to serve as their "outside IP counsel."  Under these agreements, we are able to be totally integrated into our clients' IP Teams throughout the process. In this role, we will actively work with your internal IP Team to ensure that your interests are protected. We take the lead on all intellectual property issues for our clients, with these engagements involving repeated contact throughout the month. We structure the arrangement around each client's individual needs and preferences, but an "outside IP counsel" arrangement will generally involve two calls per month with the entire IP Team, ongoing discussions with various members of the team, analysis of issues on an as-needed basis, and customized services based on your company's needs.

IP Management Packages

Some clients do not need full-service outside IP counsel, but do need counsel to help with their IP Management needs. For these clients, we have developed service packages that provide entrepreneurs and startups with IP Management services that are affordable and predictable. 

Our IP Management Packages involve ongoing monthly interactions between your IP Team and Klinck LLC attorneys. The packages include one or more monthly calls with your IP Team that occur in coordination with completion of checkup forms to keep us appraised of developments in your business.  During the strategy calls, we discuss ongoing developments and advise about what steps you should be taking. We are also available to respond to a reasonable number of emails and to have shorter calls with your team to address individual issues.  The amount of access and response time varies based upon the plan you choose. Clients who sign up for an IP Management Package also receive a discount on other services for which they retain us -- including litigation services.

Learn How Klinck LLC Can Help You

If you would be interested in discussing how Klinck LLC could serve your needs, set up a free consultation.  Click on the button below to set up a time to talk with Robert Klinck about your intellectual property needs.  We will give you a call at the time you select to discuss how we can help.

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