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Patent Infringement Attorneys

Patent Infringement Attorneys

At Klinck LLC, we are patent infringement lawyers who represents innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses in patent infringement disputes. We strives to provide clients with excellent service, which includes helping our potential clients understand the ins-and-outs of patent litigation.  To help with that process, we provide a free copy of our founder's book - Patent Litigation Primer.  Sign up below to receive your free copy.  You can also learn more about how we help patent owners, companies accused of infringement, and companies that receive demand letters below. 

Patent Litigation Primer

Learn About Patent Litigation

Patent litigation can be a dizzying maze for the uninitiated. The substantive law, procedures, lingo, and various quirks inherent in this type of lawsuit can appear extremely complex—even mysterious—for those not intimately familiar with the process.

In Patent Litigation Primer, Robert Klinck demystifies the process, walking readers through the procedural and substantive law. Get your copy today to learn more about patent litigation.

Representing Patent Owners

Klinck LLC helps reputable patent owners enforce their patents against infringing companies. If you are an inventor and believe your patent is being infringed, Klinck LLC can help. We will serve as your trusted adviser and advocate under a sensible fee arrangement. We will help you analyze your patent, identify infringers, and develop an enforcement strategy.

Analyze your patent. Before you approach any potential infringers, we will help analyze your patent. This will involve analyzing the patent claims to understand exactly what is covered by your patent, considering whether there are any technical deficiencies in the patent, and considering whether there are potential invalidity issues that will arise.

Identify infringers. We will be able to help you compare your invention to the products being offered by other companies to determine whether these companies are infringing your patent. This will often involve preparing a “claim chart,” which maps the elements of your patent against the accused products.

Develop an enforcement strategy. After analyzing your patent and identifying potential infringers, we will help you devise the best strategy for enforcing your patent. In some cases, this may involve seeking to sell your patent to a large company. In other cases, this may involve seeking to license the patent to one or more market participants. And in still other cases, this may involve filing one or more patent infringement lawsuits.

If you are a patent owner looking to enforce your patent, Klinck LLC can help. If you would like to speak with a patent enforcement lawyer about potentially representing you in asserting your patent rights, contact us today.

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If you are patent owner who would like to discuss enforcing your patent with an attorney at Klinck LLC, click on the button below to send an email requesting a free consultation.

Representing Accused Infringers

Klinck LLC represents companies that are accused of patent infringement. Patent infringement lawsuits have been on the rise over the past decade and have become a part of life for small, innovative businesses. A patent infringement lawyer at Klinck LLC can help you respond to a patent infringement accusation in an efficient, effective manner.

Although lawyers tend to approach legal problems, including patent infringement matters, from a strictly legal perspective, Klinck LLC approaches these matters from a business perspective. As a small business owner himself, Founder Robert Klinck understands that his clients are interested in the best result for their business, regardless of the legal intricacies. For some companies, that will involve negotiating a license at the outset. For other companies, it will involve taking a stand and sending a message that the client will not be an easy target for patent owners who want to abuse their patent rights.

To help clients make the decision about how to proceed, Klinck LLC begins each patent engagement with an analysis of the patent, the prior art, and the accused technology. For clients who have received a patent infringement notification or demand letter, we also conduct an analysis of the letter to learn as much as possible about the patent owner. Based on that analysis, we provide a candid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the patent infringement case and the range of likely results in litigation.

For clients who would prefer not to litigate, Klinck LLC will seek an early business resolution. The licensing discussions will be framed by the potential litigation results, and we work to develop innovative licensing solutions to get clients the best results.

For clients who decide to litigate, we aggressively challenge the patent owner’s claims. We work with our clients and experts to develop core theories of non-infringement and invalidity. From the outset, we focus on the most promising lines of defense and concentrate efforts on fighting the battles that the client has a reasonable expectation of winning.

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If you have been accused of infringement and would like to discuss your options with an attorney at Klinck LLC, click on the button below to send an email requesting a free consultation.

Responding to Demand Letters

If you are a small business that has received a letter that accuses you of patent infringement, you are probably unsure of how to respond. The letter could be the work of a patent bully that is hoping for a quick payoff or could be a notice letter from a reputable patent owner that wants to enter into a business relationship with you. A patent infringement attorney at Klinck LLC can help you figure out what type of letter you have received, help you assess your risks, and help you decide on the best response.

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of letters: notice letters and demand letters. These two types of letters are intended to serve very different purposes and deserve very different responses.

Reputable patent owners who are interested in enforcing their patent rights send notice letters. Our patent infringement attorneys know that these patent owners conduct a thorough investigation before sending these letters, and the letters are intended to start a business discussion with parties that are making commercial use of the inventions. Although these patent owners would prefer not to file a patent infringement lawsuit, they have done their homework and are prepared to do so if necessary.

Patent owners who want to abuse their patent rights send demand letters. These patent owners generally do not conduct much of an investigation before sending the letters, and the letters are intended to bully small businesses into paying nuisance value settlements. These patent owners hope that the threat of litigation will scare companies into making payments. Our patent infringement attorneys understand that, while these patent owners are quick to threaten lawsuits, these threats are almost exclusively used as a scare tactic. These bullying patent owners generally are not prepared to file a lawsuit and generally will not sue you no matter how you respond to the letter.

At Klinck LLC, we can help you determine what type of letter you have received and the best approach to responding.​

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If you have received a demand letter and would like to discuss your options with an attorney at Klinck LLC, click on the button below to send an email requesting a free consultation.

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