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Intellectual Property Litigation

We help innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses resolve intellectual property disputes. Intellectual property litigation is often complex, expensive, and time sensitive. At Klinck LLC, we recognize that our clients are looking to resolve these issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The litigation strategy should serve your business goals. Unlike many lawyers, we don't view litigation as a stand-alone process.  Instead, we understand that the best way we can serve you is by creating a litigation strategy that fits with your overall business goals. In some cases, that will involve looking for an early resolution.  In other cases, it will mean taking an aggressive approach throughout the case.  At the outset of a representation, we will work to understand your goals and to develop a litigation plan to serve those goals.

The fee structure should fit your need.  Intellectual property litigation can be complex and expensive. We recognize that the cost of litigation can serve as a major obstacle for obtaining the best results, so we employ fee structures that serve our clients. In addition to traditional billable hour representations, we represent clients under monthly retainer agreements and agreements that include reduced billable rates along with success fees. These entrepreneurial fee structures ensure that our interests are aligned with yours.

Our intellectual property litigation practice focuses on patent litigation, trademark litigation, and trade secret litigation. You can learn more about these particular practices below.

Patent Litigation

Patent cases are complex, so you need a trusted advisor to guide you through the process.  At Klinck LLC, we work with each client to develop a litigation strategy tailored to that client's particular needs.  We represent reputable patent owners seeking to enforce their patents in good faith and businesses that are accused of infringing patents owned by third parties.

We begin each patent engagement by taking the time to understand your business and to understand what you would consider a positive result in the litigation.  We then analyze the patents at issue, the state of the art before the patents, and the potentially infringing products. Based on that analysis, we provide you with a candid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case, the range of likely results in litigation, and our assessment of the likelihood of obtaining a positive result. We also present you with a plan to handle the litigation that we believe has the greatest chance of getting you the results you want. 

Along the way, we work to ensure that you understand the process and keep you updated about developments in the case.  

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Patent Litigation Primer

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Trademark Litigation & Trade Secret Disputes

We represent trademark owners and accused infringers in trademark disputes. We also represent clients in trade secret disputes. We understand that these disputes are disruptive, and we work to help clients resolve them efficiently and effectively.

Claims of trademark infringement are becoming increasingly common as products and services proliferate. These claims of trademark infringement are sometimes significant disputes between companies with significant interests in their brands. In these cases, the stakes are high and will often justify significant litigation. In other cases, the disputes are easily resolved through a compromise at the outset.

At Klinck LLC, we represent clients in these trademark disputes. We work with our clients to meet their business objective — whether that is a quick resolution or protracted litigation. Regardless of the approach, we help our clients focus on their business goals.

Klinck LLC represents plaintiffs and defendants in trade secret litigation. These issues generally arise as a result of the movement of critical employees between related companies or as a result of non-disclosure and partnership agreements.

We recognize that these disputes generally represent a major disruption for both companies involved, and we work to help our clients resolve these disputes efficiently and effectively. This will sometimes involve a brokered settlement at the outset or expedited litigation. We help our clients assess the best approach and then implement the plan developed.

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