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Practice Areas

We help innovators, entrepreneurs, and business owners navigate intellectual property issues. Our practice includes early-stage advising, developing IP plans, managing IP for our clients, auditing existing IP and IP plans, representing clients in IP litigation, and representing clients in related commercial disputes. By providing an integrated suite of intellectual property services, we are able to help our clients harness their intellectual capital and minimize their exposure to infringement claims by other intellectual property owners.

Clients hire us for individual services or to serve as their "outside general counsel" for intellectual property issues. In the latter arrangement, we provide overall management of our clients' intellectual property and work with our clients to maximize the value of their portfolios. These engagements allow us to build an in-depth working knowledge of our clients' technology, innovations, and business objectives. That knowledge allows us to respond to issues as they arise in an efficient manner.

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Intellectual Property Planning

Take The First Steps To Harness Your Assets And Minimize Your Risks

We help clients develop plans to harness their intellectual property and to reduce their risk of being accused of infringement by third parties. We work with these clients to create an IP Team and to develop the policies and procedures to serve their business goals.  We will help you:

  • Discovery your current status
  • Create an intellectual property team
  • Set up procedures to maximize the value of your assets
  • Set up procedures to minimize the risk of being sued

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Intellectual Property Management

Actively Harness Your Assets And Minimize Your Risks Over Time

Learn More About IP Management

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We help clients manage their intellectual property on an ongoing basis. This generally involves providing guidance on portfolio development, consulting with the client's IP Team, and monitoring for infringement of the company's property.  We will help you:

  • Address ongoing intellectual property development issues
  • Build your portfolio
  • Monitor your competitors for infringement
  • Assess whether to assert your intellectual property rights

Intellectual Property Litigation

We Help Innovators And Accused Infringers Handle Intellectual Property Lawsuits

We represent clients in intellectual property disputes. This involves pre-suit negotiations, licensing discussions, and active litigation. We work with clients to develop the plan that will suit their needs for handling these matters. We will help you:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • Develop a litigation strategy that matches your business goals
  • Get the best possible results based on the facts
  • Minimize the costs you incur

Learn More About IP Litigation

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Learn How Klinck LLC Can Help You

If you would be interested in discussing how Klinck LLC could serve your needs, set up a free consultation. Click on the button below to set up a time to talk with Robert Klinck about your intellectual property needs. We will give you a call at the time you select to discuss how we can help.

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