Free Intellectual Property Planning Course 

Learn how you can create value and avoid nightmares for your business through this free online course about IP Planning. In the online course, you'll get four daily lessons, a copy of my book The Entrepreneur's IP Planning Playbook, and other free resources to help you create your own IP plan.


IP Strategy Course For You!

Learn how you can use an IP plan to propel your business to the next level. You'll learn why you need an IP plan and a step-by-step approach to create your own plan.

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Learn What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Intellectual Property Planning

Most entrepreneurs and business people think of "intellectual property" as a legal issue that they can leave to the lawyers ... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't intellectual property planning something that can wait or that you can leave to lawyers? It's time to realize that intellectual property planning represents a massive advantage for you. If you will take a little time to learn about creating an intellectual property strategy for your business, you will gain an edge over your competition.

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:

  • Why Every Business Needs An IP Plan
    Learn how building an intellectual property strategy can create value for your business..
  • What Is Included In An IP Strategy
    Learn the key elements that successful businesses include in their intellectual property plan.
  • How To Conduct An IP Audit
    Learn how to assess the current state of your business by conducing an audit of your current process.
  • How To Create An IP Plan 
    Learn the step-by-step process to create an intellectual property plan for your business!

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