Free E-Course: How To Avoid  Legal Mistakes That Can Sink Your Online Business


A Free Gift To Help You Protect Your Online Business

As an online entrepreneur, your platform is your business. Learn how to protect your platform and avoid stepping on legal landmines:
    • Learn the mistakes that online entrepreneurs make that allow their valuable assets slip away and how you can protect your platform.
    • Learn how to avoid the mistakes that put a target on your back so that you can avoid finding yourself as a defendant in a six-figure lawsuit.
    • Learn the steps you need to be taking today to safeguard your genius. Don't let legal missteps ruin the valuable platform that you are building online.

In the Book, You Will Discover:

How To Collect Your Intangible Assets

Did you know that you many not actually own what you think of as your intellectual property? If you don't have the right agreements in place, you may lose all of your assets. . . 

How To Choose The Right Name

Have you spent a lot of time coming up with the perfect name? Are you sure that you can legally use that name. Find out what you need to do to be sure. . . 

How To Prevent Internal Copycats

One of the biggest threats online entrepreneurs face is the risk of an employee or contractor stealing your intangible asserts. Learn what you need to do to prevent this.

How To Avoid Being Sued

In today's Internet age, the threat of being sued for intellectual property infringement is on the rise. Learn how to avoid making yourself a target.

About the Teacher: Bobby Klinck

Bobby Klinck is an intellectual property attorney, but he’s not your typical lawyer. Sure, he went to Harvard Law School and worked at some of the most prestigious firms in the country, but if you look at the big whiteboard in his office, you won’t see much about the law. His whiteboard is filled with tasks related to platform building, inbound marketing, and sales-funnels. Bobby is a full-fledged online entrepreneur, whose area of expertise is the law. As an online entrepreneur, he knows what other entrepreneurs need to know to protect their online genius.

You've spent too much time building your business to let it be destroyed by a legal dispute. Sign up now to learn what you need to do to protect your business. 

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