IP FAQs – Klinck LLC


IP Basics

What is intellectual property (a/k/a "IP")?

What is IP law?

What is the difference between patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets?

How effective are patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret in protecting my ideas from being stolen?

I haven't taken any action to protect my IP, what rights do I have?

Startup Concerns

How do I protect my idea in the process of founding a startup?

How do I protect my idea when pitching it to investors?

How much should a startup budget for legal expenses related to IP?

How do I transfer my intellectual property?


How do I conduct a trademark search?

How do I register a trademark?


How do I conduct a patent search?

What are the most common mistakes in applying for a patent?

Do I need to file a provisional patent application?


How do I conduct a copyright search?

How do I register a copyright?


I received a patent infringement letter.  What now?

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