Patent Litigation Primer: A Guide For Inventors And Business Owners

Patent Litigation Primer
A fully updated guide to walk you through the details of patent litigation:
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"A concise guide to the maddening complexities of patent law." -Kirkus Reviews

"After spending two years practicing patent litigation straight out of law school, I can't help but think about how much easier that transition would have been with this primer at my side. The Primer takes a clear and practical approach to explaining what can be very difficult and alien principles. I strongly recommend this Primer for law students, new attorneys entering the IP field, and entrepreneurs trying to maneuver around the complexities of IP."  -Justin E.

"This primer provides clear and concise information on the nuanced procedures of US patent litigation. The author's fluid writing style and the book's organization make it a very digestible read for lawyers and non-lawyers. Highly recommended for other attorneys and technology executives interested in a strong grasp of main issues at play in this very central area for any modern technology company." -Sal

In the Book, You Will Discover:


The Primer makes the sometimes maddeningly complex issues that arise in patent litigation understandable for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. It provides a quick entry point for anyone to understand how patent lawsuits work.


The Primer begins with an overview section that provides a concise description of the relevant players in litigation, an overview of the process, and a glossary that defines patent lingo. The quick overview is perfect for busy professionals


The Primer provides an overview of the substantive law that applies to patent lawsuits. Readers learn about the requirements for patents, the ways that patents can be invalidated, and other key legal concepts.


The Primer walks readers through the procedures that apply to patent lawsuits. Readers learn how a patent lawsuit will proceed from the pre-suit investigation through trial and appeal.

About the Author: Robert Klinck

Robert "Bobby" Klinck is an intellectual property attorney based in Washington, DC.  He helps entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups handle intellectual property issues from intellectual property planning through litigation. 

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