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Intellectual Property Books

For entrepreneurs who want to learn more about intellectual property issues, we have a number of books available. These books are a great starting point for your intellectual property journey. 

The Entrepreneur's IP Planning Playbook

Learn About IP Planning

The Entrepreneur's IP Planning Playbook is a strategy guide that walks entrepreneurs through the process of creating an intellectual property plan for their business. It addresses the who, what, and how of IP Planning.

The Playbook was written with entrepreneurs in mind, addressing the issues they need to know in an easily-digestible form. Get your copy today.

Patent Litigation Primer

Learn About Patent Litigation

Patent litigation can be a dizzying maze for the uninitiated. The substantive law, procedures, lingo, and various quirks inherent in this type of lawsuit can appear extremely complex—even mysterious—for those not intimately familiar with the process.

In Patent Litigation Primer, Robert Klinck demystifies the process, walking readers through the procedural and substantive law. Get your copy today to learn more about patent litigation.

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