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Entrepreneur’s Intellectual Property Academy

We are on a quest to educate entrepreneurs  about intellectual property.

Intellectual property might be complex, but it doesn't need to be complicated.  Here in The Academy, you can learn about intellectual property issues that are relevant to entrepreneurs and innovators. We offer free online resources, free downloads of Robert Klinck's IP Law books, and access to an online training course about IP law for a fee.  Start learning by visiting the particular pages.


Learn the basics of intellectual property law relevant to businesses by reviewing the free online resources.  These resources cover IP basics, IP planning, IP management, frequently asked questions, and intellectual property lingo.


Get your copy of Robert Klinck's books about intellectual property issues. Whether you are looking for information about intellectual property planning or patent litigation, there is a book that will be helpful for you.


Take a deeper dive on intellectual property issues by signing up for our online courses about IP issues.  We offer a course that covers the basics of intellectual property and a course that covers how to create an intellectual property plan .

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