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We provide a mix of content in this blog that we believe is useful to our readers. The content includes posts related to intellectual property issues facing entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship issues generally, book reviews of business books, a series on women entrepreneurs, and other related content.  

Tips for Effectively Patenting Your Business
Time and time again, innovative ideas have been mimicked or stolen. Unfortunately, this type of thievery can happen if you[...]
Are You Using IP Protection to the Maximum Value?
IP (Intellectual Property) protection is essential for your business. Whether you are running a small startup or large corporation, IP[...]
What’s It Worth? Finding Out the Value of Your Intellectual Property
Setting prices for a company is tricky enough without adding in the intangible things. Intellectual property is valuable and integral[...]
Here is What the Future of IP Protection Will Look Like
As a business, I can’t tell you enough how important it is to protect your intellectual property. These are the[...]
IP Will Give you a Competitive Advantage
If you’re an online business owner, you’ve probably put a great deal of thought into your product or service. Whether[...]
Protecting Intellectual Property
Intellectual property laws have been around for centuries. These laws exist to protect people who have come up with original[...]
Intellectual Property: How to Protect Your Company
In business, one of the main jobs of leadership is to ensure that the company’s assets are protected. Employees, material[...]
The History of Intellectual Property
Intellectual property (IP) is a term that refers to work or inventions that are created as a result of someone’s[...]
Intellectual Property: What It Is and How to Protect It
When discussing the legal protections that any piece of creative property has, it’s crucial to understand intellectual property. What is[...]
10 Tips for Protecting Your IP
You probably put a lot of time — and money — into your company’s intellectual property, or IP. Once you[...]
IP Tips: From Startup to Legal Experts
Considering that the economy is moving faster than usual, more and more entrepreneurs are turning their dreams into reality. Small[...]
Seven Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Trade Secrets
The term “trade secret” is often tossed around without a true understanding of what it is and why it is[...]
Smart Approaches to Take When Dealing With Intellectual Property
Intellectual property (IP) is an important aspect of any business. If you have developed IP as part of your business,[...]
5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Copyrights
When starting an online business, one of your top priorities is ensuring that your ideas and creations are protected. Having[...]
The Value of Protecting your Intellectual Property
Some entrepreneurs may not know the true value of their business’ branding image – but this can be a powerful[...]
10 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Trademarks
If you are an entrepreneur, you should hopefully already have a good idea of how important intellectual property can be[...]
How IP Can Increase your Company’s Market Value
Intellectual property is an extremely valuable asset for any business — especially for creative businesses, like design, writing, art or[...]
8 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Patents
If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative new product or service you are ready to take to the market,[...]
Consumer Confusion – The Touchstone for Trademark Infringement
The purpose of a trademark is to designate the source of a good or service. It provides information to consumers[...]
Should I Register My Copyright?
A creative work receives copyright protection at the time of its creation, without the need to register it (or take[...]
Keeping Your Trade Secrets Secret
Trade secrets are unlike other areas of intellectual property. There is no registration process, no applications to fill out, no[...]
Six Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Before Filing A Patent Application
Patents are the most talked about intellectual property among the tech and startup communities. Many inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses aspire[...]
Every Business Needs An Intellectual Property Audit
What is an intellectual property audit ("IP audit"), and why do you need one? Well, before you can protect something,[...]
Dressed For Success – How to Use Trade Dress To Protect Your Brand
We’ve written quite a bit about trademarks, which generally involve words, names, or symbols on your product, but what about[...]
Copyright Isn’t Just For Authors And Performers
Many people think of copyright law as only being relevant to authors an performers.  Those people would be wrong. You[...]
The Value Of An Incontestable Trademark
Let’s say that you have a trademark that has been registered on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (“PTO”) Principal[...]
Trademark Basics For Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses
Intellectual Property (“IP”) law doesn’t just cover innovative works. It also protects a business’s marketing efforts. Many small businesses or[...]
Four Basic Steps To Protect Your Trade Secrets
Trade secret protection offers a powerful tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to use to protect their valuable, confidential commercial information.[...]
Intellectual Property Infringement
So you’ve perfected your intellectual property rights by taking all the right steps involved in intellectual property planning. Now what?[...]
Invention Promotion Scams
Aspiring inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs should be careful when dealing with invention promotion companies. While there are many legitimate invention[...]
Are Trade Secrets the Right Choice for Your Company?
Trade secret law is the least understood – and most underused – form of intellectual property. There are many advantages[...]
What You Need to Know About Your Invention
You are thinking about creating a product or have created an invention that you hope will take the world by[...]
Intellectual Property Issues On Social Media
Social media plays a powerful role in the way we conduct business today. Small businesses can grow their business quickly[...]
Filing a Provisional Patent Application
A provisional application is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It will not become a full[...]
Developing an Intellectual Property Strategy
Inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups are always excited about the potential impact that their new idea will have on the market.[...]
Startups, New Entrepreneurs, and Intellectual Property
Every startup and entrepreneur needs to understand the basics of intellectual property at the outset of building a business. Intellectual[...]
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